Setting up the Kubernetes dashboard in Minkube

Containerization and orchestration (in our case, Kubernetes) is amazing, cutting-edge technology. Even though Kubernetes is pretty solid, there still may be a need to look at logs and see things from a UI perspective. Today we'll be setting up the Kubernetes dashboard.

There are some pre-reqs:1. Installation of minikube. In my case, I'm using a Mac, so I "brew cask install minikube".2. VirtualBox (minikube requires a virtual network)3. Coffee

The first thing we want to do is ensure Minkube is started.

minikube start

Now that minikube is started, let's confirm that the service is up.

kubectl get svc

Now we can go ahead and install the dashboard! Run the following:

kubectl apply -f

Once the dashboard is installed, we're ready to rock & roll. Run minikube dashboard in your terminal. A web page should pop up for the dashboard.

Aaaaaaand we're up! Easy, right? I bet you didn't even drink all of your pre-required coffee.
Everything that we see in the dashboard is pulled right from your Kubernetes deployment. You can get a visual of your deployments, pods, logs, volumes, roles, etc.
This was short and sweet, but I hope you enjoyed!

Setting up the Kubernetes dashboard in Minkube
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