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Hopefully none of you are saying "Wow, this site kind of looks different than before..."

I'm sure a couple of you are, however.

July 17, at approximately 20:58, I, Chris Kennedy, was debating on whether or not to switch from our existing platform to another. Everything about the current provider was good, but there were some challenges. Nothing that couldn't have been overcome with a little bit of forethought and planning. Plus, I have two awesome engineers on my side to assist as well.

Regardless, I made the decision to migrate. First, to a different region, as the current was undergoing maintence and proved to be causing some reliability issues. Second, to a different provider all together. I was pushing changes on one end to the other, researching new providers, and building a test environment on a platform I was not too familiar with at the same time.

Mistakes were made, and I deleted our server without restoring backups to the new server. I was not aware, with this provider or any, that once a specific instance was gone, so too were the backups.

Regardless, it wasn't difficult to spin up another server and clone our environment, half my own experience and half referring to the documentation. My hasty research provided that, this particular hosting provider, required a numerous amount of configurations and settings (or just use their "one click" app setup) that proved too time consuming (we just wanted our site back).

So, without further time wasted, we now have our blog site back. Kinda. The precious (but thankfully little) data is lost. We are using this as an opportunity to restructure the site anyway and renew our vigor with publishing. Like Metallica's inspiration to Fade to Black, our server space being stolen from us is an opportunity to be inspired.


Yes, I'm aware nothing was stolen, and it was my own damn fault. Still, I like to think it's the same thing.

Lesson learned, don't perform migrations while building another environment you know nothing about.

Saving this for later.

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