About Us


Mike is a Windows Engineer turned Linux Engineer. Once managing large enterprise Windows infrastructure. Now Engineering infrastructure for SaaS and on-prem software. Mike began his career at an MSP, then transitioned to a software company where he learned higher level desktop support and eventually Systems Administration. He lives for the challenge and the excitement. Mike also enjoys automation and having the ability to do something once, then “Automate all the things”. When he’s not working, he’s spending time with his kick a** son and getting into mischief

Mike found his love and passion from, wait for it… playing videos games. Yes, as most of us have in the tech world, Mike started building his computer to play better games and before you know it he was in school for IT.

With a wide range of experience working for MSP’s, Healthcare, Start-ups, non-profits, and software companies, Mike is up for any challenge. Including public speaking on some podcast.


Chris is a Linux enthusiast, aspiring systems architect, and Golang evangelist. He started his dive into the tech world by tinkering with his Asus desktop and reading Maximum PC magazines. A short time later, Chris got a job as a bench tech doing desktop support. Fast forward seven years later, he's done everything from working at an MSP, field technician, and systems administrator.

His love for Linux began with a simple problem in 2012. Write a basic C program. Visual Studio wasn't cutting it, and the Command Prompt was spitting error after error. An hour later, Chris had an Ubuntu VM in VirtualBox and was writing a loop counting from 1 to 10. After some time had past, Chris decided to boldly install Ubuntu on his desktop's hard drive, no VM! While it wasn't a riveting success, there were many things to learn. Mainly, patience...

Now, he has Linux running on all of his systems, and has a career in managing the systems. With a touch of Devops, some automation, and a whole lotta Linux, who says dreams can't come true?


A downright scroundrel and with goofy ideas that somehow work. Phil started learning about computers from tinkering around with the family PC just to play Elder Scrolls Oblivion -- failed miserably.

He started his career in IT as a lowly network engineering intern and went thorugh a stint as a junior administrator and now as a cloud systems engineer. IT comes with sacrifices (your sleep), but he has been able to battle through challenging situations and forge ahead. Trial by fire or learning on the fly, is not the most ideal situation, but the knowledge that it has provided him has given him an amazing skillset and enhanced 'googling' abilities.

His passion for everything tech is still burning strong and is aspiring to be a site reliability engineer in the future .... or perhaps an systems architect. Phil does not believe in having a favorite operating system, which is why his home computers are a mix bag of MacOS, Windows, and ever rotating Linux distros.